How to fix Starfield Blast Zone Quest “Unable to break the rocks using cutters”


Many Starfield players are facing issue in  blast zone quest in Akila city . The issue is in the blast zone bug players are not able to cut the rocks at all with any cutter. The quest expect to  clear the rocks to build houses . The quest is about breaking stones on the eastern end so that city can have affordable housing. This is one of the most simple quest in Stanfield to earn some extra credits. But the blast zone quest seems  to be buggy and you won’t be able to break the rocks with any cutter.

Blast Zone Quest "Unable to break the rocks using cutters"

blast zone quest bug is seen for both Xbox Series S and PC users and user are stuck with the issue. While doing the task “Clear out the Hard Rock on Tate’s Land” the cutter in Quest are not working or not cutting any rocks. Trying to reload the game from save or rebooting the games does not fix stone not cutting with cutter.  This seems to be bug in the issue and we expect a fix from the Starfield soon, Meanwhile you can try below listed possible fix for blast zone bug :

How to fix blast zone quest unable to cut the rocks using cutters ?

If you are unable to break any rocks in the blast zone quest then to fix the issue workaround is that you just need to go to Venus and wait / sleep there for at least 10 hours. Now go back to Akila city and the stones should grow now.

Somehow travelling to Venus and sleeping there seems to fix the issue and blast zone fix. But Starfield should provide a permanent fix for the issue soon.


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