How to fix Starfield Unable to find Parents “Parent not home”


The Starfield users are stuck at weird bug or issue in the game where the players will receive a letter saying dad wanted to talk to me. But the parents is not at home. Even after searching every single room in the Lodge, you will not be able to find the parents.

The players are getting the a note from my dad and mom like “drop everything and head over now” but nobody is there. After following the note left by parent like the note said “drop everything and head over now”, after doing that still the parent are not there.

This is annoying issue and players are stuck in the Game due to “Starfield parents not home”. Still you will have to pay money to parent and if you stop paying them, you need to first talk to them but the parents are not at home

Starfield Unable to find Parents

Where parents are gone in Starfield ?

Some player reports that the there’s a issue that if you leave their door open after visiting the first time. Then parent will leave their apartment, but they’re at the lodge just standing around.  You can talk to them there.


Where to Find Parents in Starfield ?

If you have received note from the parent to meet them and you are not able to find the parent in the home, then you should check the lodge, the parents will show up there at one point and you make sure to check it out 2-3 times.

One user who was lately able to find parent in Stanfield stated :

“ I went back to the lodge, and the parents were just inside. They are programmed to visit the Lodge so that’s why the parents were not at the apartment,”

So if you are not able to find the Parents in Starfield , then this is not a bug but you are supposed to check the lodge 2-3 times as “Parent” are designed to visit the Lodge after some time and you can easily meet them there.


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