Fix Starfield Player Character Looking Left While Sprinting ?


Many starfield players are reporting issue with the player character stuck in looking left. While doing a sprint the Head of character automatically turns left when sprint skipping in 3rd person view. Since after the official release there are lots of bugs seen by the Starfield players.

This is a weird bug in starfield as the character’s head turn left and stay there if you jump while sprinting. If you are also seeing same issue with your game character looking left while sprinting then try below fix:

 Starfield Player Character Looking Left While Sprinting

How to fix Starfield bug causing main character to look left while sprinting/running and jumping

Fix 1:  Take out gun

There is a working workaround which is if you take out your gun while sprinting the issue  won’t happen anymore. This is an easy fix for the issue, but you will have to keep the gun out always.

Fix 2:  Change camera view

Other fix that could solve the character looking left issue in Starfield is to change the camera view quickly.  switch to first person and then back to 3rd person, he stops doing that. Just a weird bug of some sort.


Fix 3: Try mod fix

There is a mod fix available for this fix that you can try, it’s a behavior mod so game version does not matter.  Please check out the below link

Hope this article helps to fix Starfield Player Character Looking Left While Sprinting bug.

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