How to fix Starfield lags/Stutter when you switch weapons or open scanner ?


The official release of Starfield is reported with many bugs and issue and one such other issue with the game is that the game will stutter or lags a lot while switching weapons (Weapons blue,Purple and gold/legendary causing stutter) or opening the scanner .

The games works normally most of the time and there is not stutter issue but while opening the survey scanner or swapping between weaponry causing stutter in the game which is very annoying. Some players report that the legendary weapons are the cause of stutter in the game but as per out investigation we do not find stutter issue due to legendary weapons.

Starfield lagging or Stuttering when you switch weapons or open scanner

How to fix Stutter while opening scanner or weapons swap ?

Fix: Remove Heller cutter

For most of the user having the Heller cutter (blue one) is causing the massive stutter in the game. If you are facing stutter in the game while opening scanner , scanner switch weapon then try removing Hellers Cutter from inventory and should make major improvement in fixing the stutter issue.

Removing the heller cutter have reduced the stutter by 95%. , other legendary weapons in inventory are not causing this stutter.


Hellers Cutter can be found at the starting location of the game and most of the user picked it up. No one realized that it can cause stuttering which is noticeable to absolutely intolerable. Hope this article helped to fix Starfield lagging and Stuttering while switching weapons or opening scanner.

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