How to fix Facebook Friends Not Showing in BGMI ? iPhone/Android


Like many Battleground users if Facebook friends not showing in BGMI for you also then you are not alone as millions of other users are also not able to find their Facebook friend on BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA). The Facebook friends missing in BGMI is seen on iPhone, Android phone and not all friends are missing but just few Facebook friends are not loading on BGMI.

Similar issue is seen on other games also like PubG, tsum tsum,  Epic Games and all are reported that Facebook friends are not showing. It seems like a Facebook friend glitch in these games.

Facebook Friends Not Showing in BGMI Android 2023

BGMI Not showing Facebook friends

Why Facebook friends not showing in BGMI, PUBG, Tsum Tsum : iPhone and Android

If a game does not show your Facebook friends then this could be issue in establishing connection with Facebook.  If you have linked your Facebook account to a Game, it can be active, removed or expired from your account based on the state they’re in and how often you use them with third party games. There are some possible fix for BGMI is not showing Facebook friends, that we have listed below in this article.

How to fix Facebook friends not showing in BGMI ? iPhone  / Android

Fix: Check Game/App Settings on Facebook

If BGMI is not showing your Facebook friends then you should check the app setting in your Facebook account and renew it. To do that follow these steps:

  1. On your Facebook account- Settings and privacy,.
  2. Now select Apps and websites 
Facebook Friends Not Showing in BGMI, PUBG , Tsum tsum
  1. Select the app or Game like BGMI
  2. The BGMI game can be in Active or Expired App
  3. You will see an option to Renew Access. Choose it
Facebook Friends Not Showing in BGMI iPhone
  1. In the BGMI game -> Logout from Facebook account->reboot Phone and Login back again.

Fix : Contact Support

If still the app setting does not help you then this can be issue with the Facebook or Game developers. You can contact the app or website developer for more information.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Question

Why BGMI is not showing my Facebook friends

This could be related to permission set for the App/Game in Facebook account settings, You need to change app permission.

How long it takes BGMI/Games to show my Facebook friends

The BGMI should starts showing your Facebook friends immediately. If it does not then there may be some issues.

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