Keep Getting Frequent Facebook Account Recovery Email [Fix]

Why Facebook Keep Sending Me Recovery Email/Code!


Many Facebook users are reporting issue with Facebook account that someone keeps trying to reset Facebook password as user keeps getting “account recovery code” emails. The emails are coming in bunch like for some user the account recovery email is coming   5-10 times a day. The Facebook user have no idea as they did not tried to access the account still they are getting Facebook Account Recovery Emails everyday. The account recovery issue is faced by almost all type of device users including iPhone, Android, iOS ,Windows etc. Even when the two factor authentication is turned ON , still the users are seeing the email for Facebook account recovery.

Keep Getting Frequent Facebook Account Recovery Email [Fix]
Too many email to recover account: Facebook

The email looks legit as users are receiving the emails daily from with the

 Subject “Re: xxxxxxxx is your Facebook account recovery code”.

Hi username,

We received a request to reset your Facebook password.Enter the following password reset code:

Didn’t request this change?

If you didn’t request a new password, let us know (with link).

The email seems to be a legitimate email since its from and the link which leads to a page. But the frequency of email makes it doubtful for spam or phishing attach to steal user information and users are not aware how to check if the recovery passcode email is from Facebook is legitimate or not. As the threats from the hackers is increasing day by day and even in year 2023 you may be seeing important accounts getting hacked everyday including on Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Why you keep getting recovery email passcode when  haven’t attempted to reset my password ?

If you are getting emails from  then  they’re actually legit emails from Facebook. Facebook uses this email id to send passcode on registered email ID’s of users. “” is a Facebook account recovery code email legit. But you might be receiving  bunch of these emails from Facebook, so to understand that we have listed possible reasons below:


There can be many reasons why you are getting the passcode to recover Facebook account on your email. The most common reasons are listed below :

Reason 1:

They can be legit emails from the Facebook. But you are getting the passcode to recover account as the some one tried to hack your account thorough robotic activity which will attempt multiple times on Facebook. IF you have noticed the Facebook does not have Captcha on login screen or password reset screen, so it becomes easy for scripts, bots to attack on your profile multiple times

Reason 2:

The emails can be spoofed one, to steal user information’s. Do not click on any link and report the issue to Facebook by logging into the official website only. Usually the phishing emails are designed to have multiple link where user will click generally. Like it will ask you to report issue on a link, if you have not sent the email. Usually this link is spoofed one and user generally trapped in entering information as they enter login information to access FB account on Facebook looking page.

How to fix multiple recovery email from Facebook “is your Facebook account recovery code” iPhone /Android/Windows /Gmail

Since in this case the emails you are receiving are from genuine Facebook security email therefore possibly someone is trying to access your Facebook account by wrong means. To fix that make sure to follow these steps

  • Report the email to Facebook
  • Turn On 2FA (tow factor authentication) on Facebook
  • Change password frequently


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