Facebook Random User Messaging in bulk? Read for Fix!


If all of sudden Facebook random user messaging you in bulk then this could be serious issue with your account.  Facebook is one of the largest social media platform with billions of users active on it. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends until the you are not getting spammed message. Like some Facebook users are reporting that on their Facebook account they are getting bulk request or many messages on messenger.

The request is not from one persons but many persons are sending bulk messages on FB messenger. There are no changes done by the users but still the users can message on messenger. This is annoying as every minutes some random request of message is coming on Facebook.

Facebook random user messaging in bulk

Why I am “getting too many message request on Facebook”:

Facebook random users messaging you is happening because your account is accessed by some third party tool/program and is compromised. One common reason is  while playing any game on Facebook or doing any page activity, the apps will ask for permission. These App or any website will like or random pages and and post random post on those groups. Thus other members of the group are sending you messages in response to your post on the group that you never joined on your own .  In such cases please change your password frequently and set it to strong one.

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How to fix Getting too many Spam requests on my Facebook account on iPhone/iOS/iPad,Android?

If you Facebook account is getting spammed or you are receiving too many messages on the messenger then this could be fixed by below possible fix :

Fix : Signout your Facebook Account from all Devices

To fix random spam messages on Facebook you should first Log out from all Devices, browsers. Specially if you are using Microsoft Edge as the user using Edge Browser are facing this issue more frequently.  Use your Facebook account on single device only.

Fix : Remove third party extension from Browsers

Any third party extension on your chrome browser can cause issues. The installed extension can have control over your account. One common extension which can cause Facebook to auto like random pages is adblocker. To remove the adblocker and other extension from your Browsers, go to Browser settings->Manage Extension-> remove all extension.

Fix : Deactivate account for some days

To fix Facebook getting flood of messages,  you should deactivate your Facebook account for some days. Try deactivating account and reactivating  your Facebook account. While deactivating you Facebook account you just have to chose “This is temporary, I’ll be back”. Hope this will fix the issue.


Fix : Use an Antivirus

One other common reason for Facebook account randomly getting messages from spam pages is due to your device having virus in it. We recommend using Norton antivirus for killing such viruses in your PC. Using your FB account on clean and virus proof device is always recommended.

Hopefully this article helps to fix spam messages on Facebook. Do let us know in comment section.

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