How to Get Facebook dating back 2023?  iPhone/Android


Many Facebook users are suddenly facing issue with the Dating feature in missing on their iPhone and Android phones. The issue started after they deleted the profile. Usually the Dating feature is available under profile section but not its not showing for the users.

As per Facebook policy if you have deleted Facebook dating then all your dating activity information will be deleted from the account permanently and you will have option to create a new dating profile after 7 days.

But even after 7 days the Facebook dating is not showing and seem like it has banned the user.  The Dating feature missing issue is seen by iPhone 15,14,13,12, Samsung , Oneplus etc.  users .

How to Get Facebook dating back 2023
get back facebook dating

Even after one year deleting the profile there is no Dating option in Facebook, one user reported


did delete my Facebook dating thing… But it was like a year ago lol and I haven’t been able to get it back since


Android phone users who are also missing the dating feature on Facebook are not able to get it back even after clearing cache, reinstalling Facebook app and update etc.

Why I am unable to get back Facebook Dating ?

The Facebook have added many guidelines and  Community Standards to use the Facebook dating. If you violet these guideline you account will be deleted and will not be permanently banned from the Dating platform. Avoid spamming other Facebook dating users and if your profile is reported to Facebook by many users you will be end up losing Facebook Dating option.  

How to Get Facebook dating back ?

To get back the Facebook Dating you can ask a friend having fb dating account to send you the link. From Facebook dating link go to settings and click on share the love, and activate your account.

Also if the Facebook dating is missing from your Facebook Profile, then this could also be due to technical glitch in the app and you can use search bar to find Dating app :

  1. Tap on your photo at bottom Menu to open your profile’
  2.  Scroll down and tap ON see more and look for Dating option.
  3. If that does not work , search “Dating” in the search bar there at top.
How to Get Facebook dating back 2023?  iPhone/Android
  1. If it still does not show the option, reinstall the Facebook App on the iPhone.

Hopefully this article explains steps to Get Facebook dating back, if nothing works then please contact Facebook dating support.

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