What is Messaging limit on Facebook Marketplace ?


Facebook marketplace which is a much famous way to sell or buy things around you, has become one of the trusted ways. But for many Facebook marketplace user Facebook has set limit of listing items or contacting a seller or buyer.

The Facebook user have no clue on why the they are not able to send message on market place or why Facebook marketplace is not allowing showing more items. But this is hurting most to the people who re relying on Facebook marketplace to sell or buy new things. In this article we have listed some possible ways to increase your limit.

What is Messaging limit on Facebook Marketplace ?
Facebook marketplace limit

What is messaging limit in Facebook marketplace:

There is no defined limit of number of item you can see or buy. Even no limit on number of messages you can sent. The limit on new profile may vary from 1 items per day to 10 items per day.  The limits depends upon your profile age and validation.

Why Facebook is limiting from Posting new items :

Facebook marketplace will limit your account if your Facebook account is new. The limit is generally 1 item per day for fresh users and may increase to 4-5 in some of the cases. The limit generally depends upon how authentic your profile is to Facebook.


To increase your marketplace limit, ensure to link your mobile number to profile, use your own picture in profile and build a spam free friend network. If you take care of all this your profile will get acknowledged by Facebook and slowly the marketplace limit will be increased.

How long the Facebook Marketplace Limit Time :

Usually the Facebook marketplace limit is set for one day or 24 hours. If Facebook has marked your account as temporary limit in that case you should wait for atleast a day or two. However in some cases the limit may go for like a week.

Other reasons for limit in marketplace

Glitches in the Facebook Systems:

From many reports, it is found that the Facebook marketplace is glitchy and have lots of internal issue. Due to this many users are affected with issue like

  • Facebook marketplace unavailable
  • Unable to send message on Facebook marketplace
  • Items not loading on Facebook marketplace
  • Marketplace not loading on FB

In such cases the marketplace internal issues will get resolved after sometime and all you should do is wait for some time. You may have to wait for a week or more in some cases but likely the issue will get resolved itself.


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