How to fix Chrome keeps redirecting to Outlook : iPhone / Android/PC?


Many iPhone/Android phone users are facing issue while opening any email Id link on the Google Chrome. If you click on any email link in the webpage, email or forum the Chrome keeps redirecting to Outlook and opens up outlook app in the Phone/PC. Many user find it annoying and want to remove outlook from default email client on their device.

The issue is annoying as it will auto start the outlook app installed on PC or phone and will take few seconds to close it. User will have to copy paste the email address and manually do it in Gmail. If you are also facing similar issue then please follow below steps for different devices .

Open email link on  gmail on chrome

How fix Chrome opening email address in Outlook/ Microsoft client:

If the Chrome keeps redirecting to Outlook and you want to open them in Gmail. To open email address by default in Gmail you will have to make some settings in your device. The default setting are set to open the app in the Outlook or Microsoft that you should change.

On iPhone/Android/ PC user:

  1. Open Chrome settings from three dot at top corner
  2. Go to Launch privacy and security menu.
  3. Scroll down the page, find “Privacy and security” section.
  4. Open Set default settings.
  5. Here you should, Allow Gmail to open all links.
  6. Check again and the email link will now open in the Gmail app.

For iPhone user:

  1. Install latest version of Gmail on your phone.
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings .
  3. Search Gmail app or Scroll down and tap Gmail .
  4. Tap Default Mail App.
  5. Tap Gmail .

For Windows user:

If you are a window user and chrome is opening email address on outlook every time then please try below settings. Try to set Gmail or Google chrome as your default email app from windows> settings> app>default apps. Once you do that the email link will open in assigned apps only.


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