5 Ways To Fix Truist Mobile App Not Working :iPhone/Android?


Many users are reporting that their Truist Mobile App Not Working. Welcome to SkyLineStudy and in this article we will demonstrate some possible ix if  Truist Mobile App Not Working on your iPhone , iPad or Android phone.  The Truist app stopped working suddenly and user are not sure on  “Why is Truist Mobile App Not Working Today”? If Truist Mobile App is not working for you, then no need to worry as you are  not the only one facing problem in Truist Mobile App.

This is not new to see issue with the Trusit app but in past also the Trusit bank app has been reported with many glitches. Like many users have already reported that the  “Truist Bank Mobile App Keeps Crashing on iPhone/Android”, ”, “Truist Mobile app login not working”, “Truist Mobile App Keeps Freezing Samsung/iPhone”, “Truist Mobile app not opening/ slow “Truist Mobile app not loading” in Truist Mobile App Like had to face many problems.

Truist Mobile App Not Working today on iPhone

So In this article we have listed some possible reasons on Truist Mobile App Not Working on iPhone/ Android phone after the recent update.

Why Truist Mobile App Not Working Today (2023) ?

Truist Mobile app for Truist bank customers and a user can do a lot of thing with it like Check your balance, service request, make payments, make deposits, open/close request, etc. This is really a handy app for the customers.


But the Truist Mobile App problems like Truist Mobile App Not Working the users have to face many issue due to this random issue. The common reasons why Truist Mobile App not working on iPhone and Android, is listed below:.

Common reasons  Truist Mobile App Not Working:

  • Truist Mobile App Server Issue not working therefore the app will not work
  • There can be scheduled maintenance of Truist Mobile App /server
  • Your Internet Connection is not stable or unreliable
  • Truist Mobile App incompatible/old version

How to Fix “Truist Mobile App Not Working” iPhone/Android / iPad?

Suddenly the Truist Mobile App Not Working issue arose among its users , and the issue is impacting lots of users. To fix the “Truist Mobile App Not Working” issue, try below listed fix

1. Check Truist Mobile App Server Status

One of the major reason on Why Truist Mobile App Not Working problem, is due to server outage. The server outage could be due to various reason. So if the Server is not working or server is down, the mobile app will not work or load properly. You can get this information from the official page of the Truist. If the server is not working then you should wait for few hours and the issue will be rectified by the technical team of Truist app developers.


2.  Keep Truist Mobile App to latest version

If the Truist Mobile app stopped working issue on their device then this could be due Truist app not compatible with the device. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Truist app and the device is compatible.

3. Clear Cache of Truist Mobile App

If Truist Mobile App Not Working on the Android phone then easy fix is to clear the cache of Truist Mobile App from the phone settings. To clear the cache of Truist Mobile App (only Android phone), Go to > Settings > Apps > Truist Mobile > Clear Cache and data. Reboot the phone and check if this fixes the issue.

4. Disable VPN

If you are using any VPN software/apps on your phone then this could be issue and can cause Truist Mobile App Not Working issue. Most of the banking apps work on secured connection and VPN changes the IP address frequently. Hence the app may not work or even block the app installed your phone from accessing Truist account. Therefore always Disable VPN on your phone while accessing banking apps like Truist.

5. Switch Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can also cause Truist Mobile App Not Working. Again the banking apps work better on stable internet connection and if internet speed is poor at your end the app may not work properly. Try toggling your internet connection to WiFi or mobile data and check if it work in any of those. .

6. Hard Restart Your Phone

If after trying all the above steps, if Truist Mobile App Not Working problem is occurring then  you should try restarting your phone or hard rebooting it. As the hard reboot will fix software glitches installed in your phone.

Conclusion: Hope this article “Truist Mobile App Not Working” helped you to understand the issue and helped you? Do tell us by commenting below.

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