Fix Twitter Arkose Challenge Not Working “Something’s not quite right”?


Twitter arkose challenge not working” Many Twitter users are facing issue in accessing their account as twitter arkose challenge not loading. Twitter is one of the largest social media platform and as per Twitter security of user data is utmost priority.

But recently many users while trying to login on to their device/PC/Webversion , or trying to send DM’s etc, Twitter ask for bot check and throws Arkose Challenge to the verify human. But after clicking on it Twitter Arkose Challenge not working.  The Twitter Arkose challenge never actually loads, it just keeps loading. This is an annoying issue as Twitter keeps asking to do Arkose challenge, which never loads. One user reported :

I keep getting one wrong apparently (I’m not) so I can’t get back into my account. I’m not paying for Twitter blue to do the worlds worst counting game whenever their system thinks I’m a bot.”

Twitter won’t let me dm people, asking me to pass an arkose challenge but that challenge isn’t loading.”

Twitter Arkose Challenge Not Working

What is Twitter Arkose Challenge :

 The Twitter Arkose Challenge is basically a captcha that you will have to verify to test you are not a bot trying to access/spam Twitter users.

Why Twitter arkose is Not working/ loading?

If Twitter Arkose Challenge not working then this could be due to various reason:

  1. Outdate Browser: If your web browser is old and not compatible to load the Twitter Arkose properly, then you will see the issue where Arkose does not load properly.
  2. Using Extension: If you are using Extension on your Browser then please note that some extension may block Arkose from executing or loading. Specially extension like Adblocker may cause this issue.
  3. Network Issue: If you internet is not stable or  have poor speed, then this may also cause Arkose not loading issue.
  4. Server Issue : There are chances that the Arkose server are not working fine and thus does not load properly.   

How to fix Twitter Arkose Challenge Not Working ?: Chrome /Safari

Fix : Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If Twitter Arkose Challenge is not working for you then first try to clear cache and cookies. On your Chrome browser->Tap on Three Dots on Top Right Corner.->Tap on More Tool Option -> Tap on Clear Browsing Data.-> Check the boxes next to Cached Images and Files and Cookies and Other Site Data.->Now Tap on Clear Data.

Fix : Disable VPN

If you are using any VPN software/apps on your phone then this could be issue and can cause Twitter Arkose Challenge to not load properly. VPN changes the IP address frequently. Hence the website may block or suspend your Twitter account for suspicious activity. Try disabling the VPN first and check of this fixes the issue.


Fix. Toggle Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can also cause Twitter Arkose Challenge Not Working. Try toggling your internet connection to WiFi or mobile data and check if it work in any of those work for you.

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