How To Create A WhatsApp Channel on iPhone/ Android phone ?


WhatsApp have recently rolled out a feature to create channel and it will let you share updates and connect with your channel followers directly through WhatsApp. It’s a great opportunity to create your channel and publish your content over there.

If you are also wondering how to create a WhatsApp Channel then in this article we have described the way to create a channel on iPhone , Android  phones. Some users have reported that they are not able to create a WhatsApp channel or there is no option to create WhatsApp channel after the latest update. If you are also facing issue in creating WhatsApp channel then please follow below steps:

How To Create A WhatsApp Channel

How To Create A WhatsApp Channel ?

To create a WhatsApp Channel Make sure you are updated to latest version of WhatsApp. Open Appstore or PlayStore to check for latest update pending for you. If you are not able to create a channel from the + icons available on “update” tab on WhatsApp then you can try WhatsApp Web to create a Channel. .

  1. Login to WhatsApp Web on your PC /browser ( )
  2.  Go to Channels by clicking on the Channels icon
  3. Here, Click on the + icon  to Create new channel.
  4. Accept Terms and conditions.
  5. Add a unique channel name. You will have option to change the name again at any time later.
  6. Add Channel description and channel icon .
  7. Click Create channel, and your channel is ready.

If you are facing any issue in creating the Channel contact WhatsApp support: WhatsApp Settings > Help > Contact us.



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