How to Fix Tukui Client Not Working ?


Many user are getting issue wutg Tukui client not working as it has issues and Keeps saying cannot connect to, which us strange as the issue started out of nowhere and many users started to face it suddenly.

Due to Tukui client not working the users ultimately have to uninstall the Tukui client off pc. Which is annoying as it no longer works, or can’t find If you go to, surprisingly the Tukui client is no longer listed. Main issue comes as the ElvUI Interface on WoW works fine but not with the Tukui. So the users are out of idea on how to to update ElvUi without Tukui as it was smooth way to di it.

How to Fix Tukui Client Not Working ?
Tukui client not working 2023

While trying to download the Tukui the users can’t click on anything on the site except “download ElvUI or TukUI UI’s.” In this article we have listed some possible solutions for this.

Why Tukui client not working on my PC ?


As per some reports the Website level changes are done for Tikui so it may takes some time to get everything back normally. Here are some changes listed :

  • The website is completely refreshed.
  • User accounts are no longer needed.
  • Forum has been removed.
  • 3rd party addon hosting has been removed
  • In case you updated specific plugins via make sure to switch to their alternative download repository (CurseForge / Wago AddOns)

How to update ElvUi if Tukui is not working ?

If you are stuck not able to update ElvUi   without Tukui then Good news is that you can now update ElvUi  directly from the link. Go to  , there they update elvui normally. This is working for most of the users.

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