Fix Xbox Stuck on Error “Finishing things up” ?


Many Xbox users playing on Xbox Series X,S and Xbox One are reporting an issue that the Xbox is stuck on Finishing thigs up, while trying to update the Xbox system or a downloading an update. While downloading the update the Xbox showed downloading bar moving fine but at the end when download is complete the progress bar is stuck at 100% and stuck there forever on “Finishing things up”. The issue is happing while downloading games, updating new patch for game, or any other types of files from internet on Xbox.

Fix Xbox Stuck on Error "Finishing things up" ?
Xbox Stuck at Finishing things up…

Why Xbox is stuck forever at “Finishing things up” ?

The error “Finishing things up” is generally seen while downloading the large file or updates on the Xbox from internet. The error is seen after completion of the download.

This can be due to at the end XBOX may try to clear temporary files or unregistering from the download services, which we can assume. If anything of above is not responding or stuck then the message “Finishing things up” is shown till things work up.

How to fix “Finishing things up” issue on Xbox Series X,S, One 2023?

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Fix : Reboot the Xbox

There are chances that xbox download is stuck at “Finishing things up” due to software glitches or incomplete jobs. To fix that you can simply try to reboot the Xbox. To do that press and hold the xbox button on xbox on controller and select restart the xbox.

Fix : Pause/Unpause Download

If restarting the xbox console does not fix the issue then you can try a workaround, which is to

just Hit Pause All download in the Menu And Then Wait 10 Seconds And Hit Resume the download. After that xbox should complete the stuck download.

Also you will have option to cancel  the downloads. Please keep in mind that this will unload the downloaded files and you will have to start the download again from zero.


Fix : Restore the Xbox /Factory reset

If nothing else works for you and Xbox remains stuck at “Finishing things up” then you should try to restore the Xbox.  Please note that this process will reset the console to default setting but the data of console will remain as such.

  • On the Controller press XBOX button
  • Now open Profile & system > Settings > System > Console info
  • Select reset Console , here you will see three option to restore the Xbox
  • Here you should select-> keep data and games and seems to have sorted it.

After this the console will start resetting itself and any stuck downloads should get cleared from the queue.

Hope this article helps you to fix “Finishing things up” error from Xbox, please let us know in comment section.

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