How to fix Facebook Marketplace Messenger Not Working ? :PC/iPhone/Android


Many Facebook users are reporting issue that they Can’t send messages on Facebook Marketplace and seems like Marketplace Messenger Not Working  on their PC , iPhone or android phone.  While for some other users the Messenger in marketplace is crashing frequently. Thus the Marketplace messages not visible in messenger. Marketplace >listing>click message> causes crash. In some cases the users are seeing black screen in Marketplace Messenger.

How to fix Facebook Marketplace Messenger Not Working ? :PC/iPhone/Android
Marketplace messages not working 2023

Even the users marketplace listing have been getting messages but they are not showing up in messages. Users can see the listing of all the message but while opening any message on the marketplace messenger the app is crashing and does not open any message thread.

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How to fix Facebook Marketplace Chat not working

Fix : check Marketplace features availability

There can be many reason for marketplace chat not working but please check these below reasons :

  • You may have sent too many messages on Marketplace.
  • You may be messaging someone in a country with restricted access to Marketplace.
  • Your access to Marketplace may have been removed.

 Like In USA, Marketplace does not have certain features that may be available in some other countries.

Fix : Try reinstalling the app

If marketplace messenger is not working for you, Most of the cases are related to app bugs or glitches that can be fixed by simply deleting the messenger app and reinstalling it again.

Fix : Download Messenger Lite

If the Marketplace messenger is not working then try downloading the Messnger Lite and many users facing the issue are able to fix this from Lite version.

Fix : Try Different network connection

Due to poor or limited (VPN) internet connection on your device you may be facing marketplace messenger not working or crashing issue on the iPhone/Android etc. Please switch to stable internet connection without any VPN and see it it fixes the issue.


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