How to fix Facebook “Not all buyers can message this seller” ?


Facebook marketplace is best places to buy and sell things with your friends or even with the stranger. The FB marketplace have really picked up well and lots of users are using it smoothly. The Facebook marketplace gives control over who you want to communicated with. But in some cases there are many reports that the FB marketplace is not working properly. One such issue with the Facebook market place is that the user is unable to message seller of any items.

How to fix Facebook “Not all buyers can message this seller” ?
Not all buyers can message this seller

Facebook marketplace is showing error, “This message could not be sent. Not all buyers can message this seller”. The issue is mostly in the Facebook market place ad. The message Not all buyer can message this seller is seen on iPhone, iPad, Android and PC users as well. If you are also facing the issue please try below possible solution.

Why I am getting  “Not all buyers can message this seller” on Facebook marketplace ?

How to fix Facebook “Not all buyers can message this seller” ?
Not all buyers can message this seller iPhone, Android

If you are unable to message to seller on the marketplace then there could be many reason as listed below in this article. But common reason are spamming or change of location. For example if you have a US account and  now you trave to Europe for some reason then you can’t contact EU sellers. There are new area restrictions since Dec 2022 on marketplace. So if you have change your location recently then this could be most likely reason you are facing this error. Genrally the issue gets resolved after tyring below steps, if still you are getting this issue please let us know in comment sections.

How to fix “Not all buyers can message this seller” on Facebook marketplace: iPhone/iPad, Android, Safari, Chrome ,windows PC ?

Fix 1: Try Deleting marketplace messages

If you are unable to send the messages to seller in marketplace then this could be solved by deleting some of the messages from the marketplace. As Facebook is limiting number of messages to avoid spam. So to fix the issue, In your marketplace message (in messenger) try deleting some of the messages including “is this available” . After this you should be able to send message to other user.


Fix : Try on different device.

If Facebook market place messages are not working then you can try to send the message from different phone, PC , browsers etc. Or try clearing the cache from your app or browser.

Fix 3: Update the Phone and app

If Facebook marketplace is not working as expected on your device then you should try to update the Facebook app to latest version from the AppStore or Playstore. Usually an outdated app is common reason for many features to not work properly.

If Facebook marketplace messenger is updated to new version on Facebook server and buyer and you are still using the older version of the app then this could always create such troubles. So always consider updating your Phone app.

Delete some fb marketplace messages from fb messenger.


Fix : Avoid spamming

If you are too used of sending unnecessary messages to the Facebook users then Facebook may mark your profile as spam and limit your account to send certain number of messages on the marketplace to unknown persons. So avoid spamming or sending too many message to  sellers in the Facebook.

Fix : Try using VPN

A Work around to fix Facebook marketplace error Not all buyer can message this seller , by using a VPN service on their iPhone, iPad or android phones. Just simply install a VPN service and check if it works.

Fix : Wait for some days/week

Not all buyer can message this seller can be caused due to issue in the Facebook server or some software glitch in the Facebook. Also if Facebook servers are too heavily loaded to send messages across many users then you might also see such error messages.

In such cases just wait for some time to resolve the issue automatically at Facebook end. In some cases users have to wait for a week also and the issue got resolved automatically for them.

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