Spotify Song information not Updating on Car Display iOS, Android?


 Spotify users are facing issue with Songs details not updating on the Car. The issue started after a recent update and it annoying issue as user can’t just look at car stereo and check the which songs is playing. Spotify songs works fine for first song but as you skip to next song Spotify will correctly skip the audio to the new songs, but will not refresh the metadata (song title, artist etc.); they will be stuck on the song that was played first.

The issue is Spotify info is not shown in the Car Studio for iPhone and Android users. User cannot see anything about Spotify app on the  Car Display. The Bluetooth connection is working fine between iPhone and car unit but does not show song info on the Car head unit. The issue is with different car model and stereo like Isuzu Dmax original car audio, BMW, Audi etc. 

This is annoying as the Spotify songs not displaying in car with different phone modes like Android , Samsung, OnePlus and iPhone. In some cases the Spotify Song info not updating on head unit and stuck on one song. We have listed some possible solution for you:

How to fix Spotify songs not displaying in Car iPhone /Android / Samsung, OnePlus

Solution : Update Car headUnit

An outdated or incompatible head unit may be reason for the issue and not able to show updated information from Spotify. Please check with Car dealer/official website for any pending software updates.  


Solution : Check Required Permission

If Spotify song information is not showing on Car head unit/Stereo screen then One major reason is device permission not set.  In the app permission make sure that Files and Media permission enabled on your Android/iPhone.  Once the permission is enabled the Spotify information should successfully shown on the Car Stereo. 

Spotify Song information not Updating on Car Display iOS, Android?
Spotify app not updating song info on car

Solution : Sign out from the Spotify 

Make sure that the vehicle is supported by the Spotify and all system are updated. If still the Spotify is not showing info on Car stereo Try clearing your phone’s Spotify cache, sign out of Spotify and sign back in, then reconnect to your car’s bluetooth.

Solution : Check Spotify settings

There are Spotify setting that you should check and allow for showing data on the Car Stereo. Check Spotify app setting and make sure that it is allowed to show data on Car. Check below setting are set:

  • Make sure “Car view” turned on.
  • “Device Broadcast Status” turned on.

Solution : Change AVRCP( Android phones)

If Spotify is not displaying the song information in your car, then this could be due to incompatible AVRCP.

Spotify Song information not Updating on Car Display iOS, Android?

One the Android phone developers options and change to it 1.4 or 1.3 and it will work again.

It seems that Spotify need to update their app in order to work with the new version of AVRCP to the latest version and the newer versions going forward.

Solution :Update iOS

The Spotify not working with Car Stereo can be issue with bug in the iOS/ Android system. There are some reports that updating the Android phone firmware fixes the issue. Please update your iPhone to latest iOS version and Android phones to new Firmware update available. 

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