Alexa brief mode not working 2023?


Brief mode makes Alexa device very interactive and feels like alive. But many Echo device and  Alexa users are facing issue that Alexa brief mode is not working. Even when the Alexa brief mode is ON, It still says Ok. It now says okay after every command rather than brief response.

Alexa brief mode had similar issue in past and this seem to be reoccurring issue in the Amazon Alexa. But surely the issue is bothering lots of user. Due to this issue Alexa users are not sure on how to stop Alexa from saying Ok.

Alexa brief mode not working 2023?
Alexa brief mode not working ?

The issue started randomly and it was work fine earlier. But suddenly all echo device are not able to work and brief mode does not work at all.    There is no official confirmation from the Amazon on the Alexa Brief mode issue but lots of users around the globe are facing this issue.

How to fix Alexa Brief mode not turning ON / Stop Alexa from saying Okay ?

Fix : Update App and Toggle Brief Mode

One easy solution to fix Alexa brief mode not working is to Update the Alexa Software for any pending updates. After that toggle Brief mode OFF and ON and check if this fixes the issue.


Another workaround is to turn off brief mode and then leave it off for like 5-10 minutes and then enable it.

Fix : Wait for sometime

If Alexa Brief mode is not working then this could be due to some Amazon server related issue. These issue are reported in past and usually fix automatically after some time. Please wait for few hours and the issue should resolved itself.

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