What to do If Apple deducting money for cancelled Subscription ?


Many Apple users are complaining about an issue that for a cancelled subscription, it has still deducted money from a bank account. The subscription was linked to iTunes or an app from the App Store, but the user has successfully unsubscribed from the IT. (source 1, 2)

Apple deducting money for cancelled Subscription

Even after the user have cancelled the subscription and the App Store is confirming the same but still the money got deducted from bank account from UPI mandate or Card authorization.

This is Fraudulent transaction by Apple as after cancelling the subscription still the users are getting charged and same is seen in their bank statement.

What to do if Apple have deducted money for cancelled Subscription  :

If Apple have deducted your money for cancelled Subscription, you should Report issue to Apple regarding unauthorized deduction for cancelled subscription. In most of the cases you will get a refund within 2-3 days.


While Cancelling subscription makes sure you read following condition

In most of the cases Apple will refund any wrong deduction from your bank account. Make sure to contact Apple as above mentioned and explain your issue to them.

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