iOS 17 Apps Privacy “Private Access” and No Option to Select Photos ?


After upgrading to latest iOS 17 many iPhone users are reporting issue that iPhone is not allowing to select photos permission for certain apps. While trying to allow a photo on an app like safari a hand symbol comes up and not allowing to select the photo.

Due to this issue iPhone users are unable to import photos. This seems to issue with the permission given to the app to access photos but still many users are not able to change the permission from the privacy settings on iOS 17.

In iPhone apps are now listed as Private access which does not let import photos from iPhone

In iPhone Settings>Privacy and Security>Photos many apps like Safari, contact app, YouTube or other web browsers are showing “Private Access”. While trying to change the setting the iPhone users are getting message, “private access; This app can show your photo library, but can only access the items you select.”

Private access not letting select photo in app on iPhone

In iPhone privacy setting the apps are shown “Private Access”, but there’s no option to turn it off or change permissions.


What is meaning of Private Access in iPhone Privacy

Private access in iPhone is old feature where apps are allowed to use only some selected photos. It appears that iPhone have now added “Private Access in place of “selected photos” or “limited access” but the new feature seems to be buggy as it is not giving option to select more photos for the app.

safari listed as Private access and not letting select or import photo on iPhone

How to fix iPhone not able to import photos to app- shows Private Access issue :

One solution to fix Private access not letting select photos is to reset the iPhone location and privacy settings. To do that go to iPhone Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [device], tap Reset, then tap Reset Location & Privacy. It will fix any privacy related glitch in the iPhone.

On third party apps like Instagram or Facebook or photo editing apps, if you are unable to select the photos then you should try reinstalling the app on the iPhone. This will fix and software glitch and enable to setting to import and select photos to the app.  

If this does not fix the issue please report the issue to Apple and provide them a feedback here.


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