Apple Not Letting Cancel Subscription on iPhone ! Read What to do?


Many iPhone users are unable to cancel a subscription on their iPhone. While tapping on the cancel subscription, nothing happens and it won’t cancel. While cancelling the subscription on iPhone, it fails with “Your request could not be completed. Please try again later”. Similarly, some users are complaining that they can’t cancel Apple One subscription.

unable to Cancel Subscription on iPhone of free trail

The issue is also seen when you try to cancel a free trial subscription. This seems to be an issue with Apple subscription service as the users are not able to cancel free trails, cancel Apple Music subscription, or any in app subscription etc. The issue is seen on almost all iPhone models including iPhone 15,14 on iOS 17.

If you are not able to cancel or Manage subscriptions in iPhone then this article will explain a possible solution for it

What to do if you are unable to cancel Subscription on iPhone 14/13/12 Pro max/ iOS 17 ?

Apple Not Letting Cancel Subscription on iPhone ! Read What to do?

As per Apple documentation, you should  cancel at least 24 hours before the free/discounted trial ends  to avoid auto-renewal. If so, you may not be able to cancel because Apple already tried charging you for the following month. Other than that, please try below solution :

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Use MacBook or PC to cancel Subscription :

If you are not ablet o cancel a subscription on iPhone then as an alternative fix you can try to cancel it on MacBook, Go to App Store>click on your Name> Account settings> Scroll to subscription section.

Use MacBook or PC to cancel Apple Subscription

If you don’t have a MacBook, you can use iTunes on a Windows PC  to cancel the subscription. From menu bar-> choose Account> View My Account>Scroll to Settings. Next to Subscriptions, click Manage> click cancel subscription.

Use iTunes or PC to cancel Apple Apple Subscription

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Check subscription email Id?

You can get the subception cancelled from the Apple Id who purchased it. If you are using family sharing, then the subscription will cacelled from the organizer emai id/ Ask your family member to cancel the subscription. 


Sign-out from Apple account

The subscription services on Apple are linked to Apple ID and due to some software glitches it may have some issue. To fix that Sign out from Apple Id on iPhone, restart iPhone and sign back in. Check again if the issue resolves.

Cancel from with subscription service

If  Apple is not letting cancel subscription then you should check on service provider website to cancel the subscription from there.  For example to cancel Apple music subscription go to in a browser, sign in, and then try to cancel from account settings.

Wait for previous cancel request

If you have place a cancel request already and it is not getting reflected in Apple Id, then please wait for at least 48 hours to get it shown in your account with cancellation details.

Contact Apple Support

If still you are unable to cancel Apple subscription, you should contact Apple support and ask them to get it cancelled for you.  You can chat and call them directly and explain your issue. Usually in 48 hours the Apple support will fix the issue and cancel subscription plan.

One reddit user reported that he was able to get it cancelled from the apple support

“Happened with me as well… i just contacted apple support and told them to cancel it for me. They did it pretty quickly so do that!!



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