How to Fix iPhone 15 Pro keeps disconnecting with WiFi on 5GHz 160hz ?


The Flagship iPhone 15 Plys seem to have WiFi disconnecting frequently issue and by many iPhone users who tried to connect using 5ghz. Many iPhone 15 Plus and Pro user are having issues with WiFi keesp dropping on the IPhone 15 Pro Max. [Source 1 , 2]

For some iPhone 15 users the internet keeps on dropping and while some iPhone 15 report that they are not able to connect to WiFi at all.

iPhone 15 Pro keeps dropping  WiFi

Why iPhone 15 Pro keeps dropping WiFi  Network?

In most of the cases the iPhone 15 does connects to WiFi but there is no internet from time to time or iPhone 15 refuses to connect to WiFi completely. The issue is primarily on 5GHz 160hz router Home WiFi.

Some reports suggest that the issue is with the WiFi bandwidth which seem to create issue with iPhone 15 receiver.


How to fix iPhone 15 Pro/ Plus Keeps dropping WiFi or No internet on WiFi ?

Try changing the Frequency of Router

Most of the router available in the market have option to change the WiFi network frequency. Be default the new Router are configured 5GHz (20/40/80/160hz) and you can change it to 60,80,Hz etc. So to fix WiFi dropping on iPhone 15, try with different frequency and see if this helps. Read this article to know how to configure router channel.

Delete VPN Profile;

If iPhone 15 pro is not connecting to WiFi then it could be due to an issue with VPN app in your iPhone. Delete the VPN app from the iPhone 15 and the WiFi should start to connect properly.

Even if VPN app is not downloaded on your iPhone, the vpn profile can still cause some issue. Delete the VPN profile from your iPhone 15 and WiFi should not drop after this. To delete the VPN profile , Go to iPhone 15 settings – General- Scroll down and select Profiles- Select the profile and tap Delete.

Create Guest network

For some user the iPhone 15 not able to connect to home WIFI but works on the Guest Network. You can create a Guest wifi network through ISP and with the new guest network the iPhone 15 should be to connect to the same router.


Reset iPhone settings :

The WiFi issue on the iPhone 15 could also be due to some software glitch that can be fixed by a reset to iPhone. To reset iPhone to default setting Go to Settings>General>Transfer or Reset my phone > Reset> Reset Settings. The iPhone will reboot in this process and try connecting to WiFi after that again.

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