Fix iPhone“MZFinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” Unable to add Payment Method


Many iPhone users are facing issue with while adding a card to their Apple Account and are unable to make any payment from iPhone. While trying to add a card on iPhone Apple account it shows error “MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment”. This is annoying issue as the iPhone users are not able to make payments using iPhone on Appstore related to Apple services like Apple music.

 The same error “MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment”.  is encountered by the iPhone users who are trying to remove my family organizers default payment option. The issue is encountered on iOS 17 also with iPhone 15/14 ,13,12 Pro Max etc.

one reddit user reported”

“Experiencing with my daughter. She can’t remove my card nor can she add her own. Same message –MZFinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment. She’s texting with Apple now”

MZFinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment payment error while adding payment method iphone

The issue is not limited to adding a credit or debit card to Apple ID but also with Apple Cash, a credit card, UPI or PayPal the error code MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment, started on iPhone.


What is MZFinance.FamilyNonHoh.CannotAddPayment Error ?

Most of the user are seeing error “MZFinance.FamilyNonHoh.CannotAddPayment” while trying to add an card or payment method like Paypal or Apple cash due to Family sharing is turned ON their device.  Family sharing plan lets one adult in family (organizer) make payments for everyone purchase (Read for more).

If you have added your phone in family sharing and you are not the organizer, then you will not be able to add an payment method on your iPhone as all payments are managed by Family organizer and if you try to add a payment method like Credit/debit card, Apple Pay,UPI etc then you will see MZFinance.FamilyNonHoh.CannotAddPayment error.

Fix iPhone“MZFinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” Unable to add Payment Method

To fix issue in adding a card for payment method on your iPhone please follow below  

Fix “MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” Error while adding Payment method to Apple ID on iPhone 12,13,14,15 Pro Max / iOS 17

Fix: Turn off Family Sharing

Fix iPhone“MZFinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” Unable to add Payment Method

While adding payment method to Apple Id, to fix MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment  error you should turn OFF family sharing on iPhone from organizer account and then other family member account. To Turn off purchase sharing and stop sharing a payment method , Open iPhone Settings app->Tap on your name-> then tap Family Sharing-> tap Stop Purchase Sharing. Remove any card info (of organizer). Reboot your iPhone and try adding the card and it should work now.


Fix: Check your Payment information and Apple Id infor

While editing payment information online at, additional payment methods might be removed from your account automatically. So check and Go to Tap or click Sign In, then sign in with your Apple ID. Tap or click Payment Methods. Tap or click Manage payment method. Enter your payment information and make sure details like address matches with Card info, then tap or click Update. After this you should be able to add card.

Fix :  Try adding different card

In some cases MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment  is seen with some specific services like Pay pal or some bank card. To fix that tra removeing all payment method and add a new card or payment service like UPI. Using and adding another credit card seems to fix the issue for many users.

Fix: Restore iPhone settings

some users are able fix the MZFinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment issue using iPhone setting reset (source). Sometimes during a software update / iOS update some glitches may occur in your iPhone and to fix that you should try resetting iPhone setting to default by going to iPhone Settings  > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset->Reset All settings. Once done, try adding the card again to Apple Id and there should be no issue.

If none of the above solution helped to fix the issue then we suggest to contact Official Apple Support for assistance for this issue.

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