Starfield Eye Of the Storm Quest DATA TRANSFER & ‘listen to the recording’ Bugs ?


Solution to get past Eye Of The Storm Quest bug

Many Starfield players are stuck on completing the eye of the storm quest. The users are stuck at data transfer section in the quest and even after trying many times in different ways they are not ablet get pass the eye of the Storm bug. The Quest bug is reported by both PC and Xbox users. There are also different other bugs reported by the Starfield player in the Eye Of The Storm Quest like listed below :

  • switch on the energy and I read the records multiple times without any change.
  • Stuck at need to put the comspike and conduction grid on my ship
  • Not able to add the components to your ship before going to grab the credits from the galbank ship.
  • stuck at data transfer section in the quest
  • stuck at the part where it says “locate the vault control room”.
Starfield Eye Of the Storm Quest
Starfield Eye Of the Storm Quest Bug fix

How to fix Bugs in Eye Of The Storm ? Starfield / XBOX/PC

Fix : Hard save before making transfer

Restarting the games seems to fix most of the Eye of Storm bug on Xbox and Pc. In case it does not work try reloading the game to Save point. For example if you are stuck at data transfer section in the quest then while trying to flip two power switches in eye of the storm quest, you should save the Game before you flip the two power switches. Now if you get stuck during the transfer, close the game and then reload the save before flipping the two switches. you just have to reload the save but if that doesn’t work then try restarting the game. 

Fix : fix Stuck at Eye of the Storm quest stage as “listen to Kryx’s record”.

To fix Eye Of the Storm Quest ‘listen to the recording’ Bug you will have to Re- read and listen to the “GBLR011: The Waiting Game” recording ALL over again. And after this the game should proceed.


Fix : Use Console command (PC users)

If you do not have save point then you can skip the Quest stage by using console command on your PC (not available for XBOX users)

Console command ` / ~ key

‘SetStage 001EF7F2 500’

After this you will receive the update quest objectives with the ‘wait for transfer’ one still there


Fast travelled to the Vigilance, and on docking and talking to the commander bloke will fix it and clear that quest objective.

Hope this article helps to fix the issue about Starfield “Eye Of the Storm Quest” different bug. If you have any query please let us know in comment section.

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