How To Fix Starfield Vortex Mod not working


Many Starfield users are reporting issue that after Installing Vortex it does not work. Starfield vortex mods not working for many players and are stuck with the issue for long time. The Mod is installed and vortex says enabled but not working?

This is weird issue as after giving vortex the path of the game and installed the UI mod and it says enabled – but while trying to launch the game the UI still looks like the original. If you are also facing issue that Starfield vortex mods not working then please read below solution for the issue. 

Starfield Vortex mod not working

How to fix  Starfield vortex mods not working ?

Fix : Check Configuration 

Vortex mods seems to work find with little bit of configuration.  In Vortex go to Settings>Mods. Here you should note that the Mod Staging Folder needs to be on the same drive that Starfield is installed on.

Now for the Deployment Method, you need to select. Move Deployment (Experimental). After that you also need to manually update the StarfieldCustom.ini for each mod. It will install the esp’s in the data folder after the set up is done. 


Fix : Manually copy the file

Vortex seems to broken for Starfield and to fix the issue you should bypass the vortex manager, manually dl and drop the file in your folder yourself.

It seems that the Vortex is not actually downloading anything. Simply try downloading the mods manually instead and then drag/dropped them into the box below the downloads list in vortex. After this the vortex mode will work find in Starfiel.

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