Siri Not working , Not listening to “Siri” iOS 17 ? iPhone/iPad/AirPods 


Many iPhone users are not able to switch Siri to listen to “Siri” command instead of “Hey Siri”. in iOS 17 Siri still listening to “Hey Siri” only. This appear to be an issue but in this article we have explained how you can get Siri to respond to “Siri” command.

As per the release notes of iOS 17 now you can call Siri by simply saying Siri instead of “hey Siri”. But many iPhone users after upgrading to latest iOS 17 are still not able to use only “Siri” command. Siri in iOS 17 only “hey Siri” is working. The Siri is not responding to “Siri” on diffrent iPhone like iPhone 12,13,14 Pro Max after the update.

The iPhone is not recognising just “Siri” or “Hey Siri” “Siri”  in iOS 17. The “Siri”. In iOS 17 settings -> Siri and search-> you can change What Siri listen for. Now there should be two option, which Siri should listen to “Siri” and “Hey Siri” or both. 

iOS 17 Not listening to “Siri”

But in Siri and search setting, there is no option to change “Siri Listen for ”. The issue is there is No option to change to “Siri” from “Hey Siri”  in iOS 17.


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How to fix No option to use only “Siri” in place of “Hey Siri”:

In iOS 17 you should have option to configure Siri setting listen for and from drop down you should be able to select both “Siri” and “Hey Siri” or both. 

If Siri setting is not showing you option to change and listen to Siri then this could be due to you language setting is not set to English(united states) in Siri settings. Many users who have select English as language in iPhone are not able to get Siri listening to “Siri” command due to language set to English (UK) or English (Aus) etc. 

To change language settings in your iPhone Go to iPhone setting-> Siri & Search->Language->change to English(united states) and after this you should be see “Siri” option in Listen for settings. 


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