How to fix Clock showing Wrong Time (cupertino) in StandBy mode ? iOS 17

iOS 17 StandBy clock Not showing Local time but only Cupertino Time ?


The new StandBy mode is a great feature added by Apple in the iOS 17. The  standby mode lets show you your favourite widgets to iPhone lock screen when the iPhone is charging and you put your iPhone in landscape mode.

Turn on landscape mode in the iPhone you should first go to settings and search for standby mode. Here you have to toggle on the standby mode. Once you have turned on the standby mode, when you put the iPhone on charging and put the phone in landscape you will start seeing your lock screen widgets on the screen. Usually the first thing that iPhone will shoe is a clock.

Clock showing Wrong Time in StandBy mode

But many iPhone users are facing issue with standby feature that the lock on the lock screen is showing the wrong time. The default StandBy mode is showing wrong location time, usually the time is for Cupertino. This is annoying issue as the use are getting confused due to this issue. 

The standby is a new feature in the iPhone added in iOS 17 and many information shown is not accurate. Many iPhone XR,XS MAX ,12 users have reported that the StandBy mode is not showing correct information like Time etc.


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How to fix  iPhone Standby showing Wrong Time an location as Cupertino  ? iOS 17

Remove Clock widget and re-add it :

If the clock is not showing right time in the standby mode then you cab fix it by simply deleting the clock widget and re-adding it. 

To delete the Clock widget from StanBy mode. When iPhone is in StandBy mode, simply hold the clock widget by long pressing it. You will be given option to remove the widget from the list. Remove the widget and reboot the iPhone.

fix Clock showing Wrong Time in StandBy mode iOS 17

To add the clock widget again on your iPhone, long press the StandBy screen-> Tap on + icon to add the clock widget again. Add clock again to the  Widget screen. Now it should start showing correct local time.


Change region settings :

If standby Clock is not showing correct time as per your region then the issue could be due to the iPhone is configured on wrong location. Go to iPhone settings and change your region and location. After doing this the standby clock should start showing correct /local time. 

Reset iPhone setting

Wrong time in standby clock could be due to some software glitch in the iOS 17. To fix that you should try resetting iPhone setting to default by going to  Go to Settings  > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset->Reset All settings. Please ensure to Not to chose “Erase All Content and Settings” option and you will not lose any data in this process.

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