How to fix iPhone Contact Photo & Posters “Disabled” in iOS 17 ?


The new iOS 17 feature Poster Photo & contact is disabled on some iPhone models including iPhone XR,13 Pro Max etc. The feature is added in the iOS 17 and there are lots of issue faced by users. Like the contact poster is not showing in iPhone during call or contact poster not updating.

The contact poster feature is new in iPhone and takes sometime to reflect updates in it. But for some user the Contact poster feature is disabled and iPhone users are not able to edit or open it as the Contact photo is greyed out.

iPhone Contact Photo & Posters Disabled/greyed out

If you are also facing the issue then please try to enable to the contact Photo feature in the iPhone : iOS 17/ iphone XR,12,13,14 Pro Max, iPad ?

Fix: Turn on Share Name & Photos

If the Contact Photo & Posters Disabled  and greyed out then this can happen due to share name and photo disabled in the iPhone settings. To enable the contact person  go to iPhone Settings / Messages / Share Name & Photos / and toggle back ON – Name & Photo Sharing

Fix : Two number issue with Contact poster not enabled

If you have two numbers being used for Messages and Facetime then you will see the Contact Photo & poster as disabled. To fix that you have to deregister one, then add your contact photo and poster, then reactivate messages/Facetime.


Fix : Edit the contact poster from Edit screen

If above solution does not enable the Contact poster for you then you should try a workaround, open contact-> press edit in upper right corner, then in edit screen, again press edit ->from there you can change your (customize) your photo and poster, Hop this works for you also.

Hope after trying these fix you will be able to see the option to edit and change contact poster photo.

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