How to fix Game lock due to Stuck in dialogue glitch


Many Starfield players are stuck in dialogue glitch with NPCs. The issue is mainly due to  Sarah morgan is trying to talk to walter. Problem is sarah is on ship and walter is not. Talking to Sara locks the game

One such point in game is where the player will Get stuck in a dialogue with Sarah about Walter. Whatever option is selected everything goes away and it get stuck with Sarah’s face staring. Nothing can be done and the user is stuck in the game.

Starfield stuck due to Conversation bug

How to fix Starfield stuck due to Conversation bug :

Fix : Fast travel back

It seems that players are getting in stuck with companion/NPCs due to some broken trigger regarding dialogue. To solve this you have to go to the lodge and let Sara have the conversation complete with Walter present. You need to do is unassigned Sarah from your shop, then go and switch home ships at any station. Then Sarah Morgan will be at the lodge.

Fix : Kill walter

Other solution to fix stuck at Sara and Walter conversation :

  1. Talk to Walter
  2. Kill Walter -> Resurrect him using console commands
  3. Follow Kxsnow’s instructions by finding the input layer that’s bugged and resetting it.
  4. Proceed to space, talk to the Starborn ship, and fast travel as intended.

Fix : Try Console command (PC users only)

If you are stuck in Starfield game due to NPC dialogue bug then you can try below console command to break the conversation :

 type ” setstage 002C1C9B 920 ” into the console which then forced it past the bug.

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