How to fix Starfield “you’re currently trespassing” Prompt Issue”?


After finishing the Ryujin quest many Starfield players are reporting a strange issue that “you’re currently trespassing” prompt keeps coming up. There is no trespassing done by the player but still the issue is happening. This issue is preventing from sleeping and waiting anywhere. Many Starfield Xbox Series X and Pc users are also seeing “you’re currently trespassing” prompt and the message continually popping up and not sure how to stop the bug/issue.

How to fix  “you are currently trespassing” prompt on Starfield ?

starfield you are currently trespassing

IF you are seeing frequent trespassing warning in Starfield then this is due to bug in the Game. The permanent fix for the bug is expected in upcoming release of game and  till then you can try below solution to fix trespassing prompt issue.

Fix: Reload the last Save

One of the most effective solution to stop “you are currently trespassing” prompt is to reload the last saved of Game. This will fix the bug in the game and any old reload from save seems to fix the issue. If that does not work then after reloading the last save try to restart the game.

Fix : Fast travel to Ship

Other workaround to fix you’re currently trespassing  issue to try fast traveling to your ship and then exit the ship through the hatch , after this the prompt should go away permanently.


Fix: Get Arrested

Other solution that seems to stop you’re currently trespassing is by Getting yourself arrested in the Game and the prompt should go away.

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