How to fix Starfield Companion Not Using Weapon ?


Like many other starfield players if you are also facing issue – Starfield Companion Not Using Weapon, then this article will solve your issue. Many Starfield users are facing issue that companion not using weapon even when weapon is equipped. This is making difficult to understand the  companion-Ammo system works. As for some user while they tried to give companion a laser rifle it is pulling out pistol every time. This is annoying issue as the Companion is just using there fist to fight not a weapon.

How to fix Companion using only Fists not weapons:

starfield companion not using weapon

If your companion in Starfield is not using weapons you have provide then this could be due to you have not supplied the ammo for the weapons. You need to equip the weapon in the trade screen menu and have at least 1 piece of ammo for the weapon for companion. Same goes with grenades, equip 1 grenade and they will use them in a fight too. This is a behavior from Starfield and you are expected to it with all the weapons provided to companion.

It is worth noting that the companion need Ammo only one round and after that it will reload from inventory on it own. If they are carrying multiple weapons, sometimes they try to use the weapon without ammo and they end up using their fists.

Hope this will fix your issue in companion not taking out the weapon in fight in Starfield.


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