How to fix FPS drop after Starfield Update ?


After installing the latest Starfield update 9/13 on the PC/Starfield many users are facing FPS issues while playing the Starfield game. The FPS (Frame per Second) has dropped in Starfield and destroyed performance. Some of the users dropped from 70 fps to 10 fps. The fps drop is linked to Starfield game only as other games run normally on the PC.

While for some other the new update in Starfield in causing the high CPU usage. While some other users are seeing too many crashes in the Starfield game after the update.

After the update one user reported

“My GPU usage is now at 99-100%…and constant frame drops. Before the patch I haf stable 80-90fps without any framedrops…”

FPS drop after Starfield 9/13 Update

How to fix Drop in FPS after Starfield Update :

To fix Starfield Update FPS drop you will need to relace the graphic setting INI file. The new Starfield update overwrites graphics setting in files, so the Ultra FPS INI will need to be copied back into the folder. Hopefully this will fix FPS drop after Starfield Update .

The update was expected to make the game more stable but the new issue in fps drop have make it more difficult to play the game.

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