How to Sync Google TV and YouTube TV accounts : Chromecast?


The Google TV Chromecast lets you create multiple profiles so each family member can have their own profile on Google TV. As in family each member have their own YouTube account. But while changing the Google TV account link YouTube account is not changing for the users.

While using Google TV for watching YouTube TV, getting YouTube feed as per your preference is always appreciated. But in the Google TV it appears that that the YouTube accounts are not in sync. In you Google Tv you will have to double check which YouTube TV account is active when selecting the YouTube TV app and possibly needing to switch out from a family member’s YTTV account is not user friendly and annoying to do every time.

Sync Google TV and YouTube TV accounts

Manually changing the YouTube channel is an extra step for Google TV users. Therefore it would be great to have a solution to Sync google tv and YouTube tv accounts Chromecast. So when a users changes the Google TV account , automatically the YouTube switches to the respective user account.

How to sync Google TV and YouTube TV accounts : Chromecast

Unfortunately there is no way to sync Google TV user account with the YouTube account. Google TV and YouTube are two distinct services and the info is not shared between each other due to security reasons. Information can’t be shared between Google accounts even if owned by the same person.


There is no current solution to sync Google TV and YouTube TV accounts but since both these services are owned by Google you can try sending feedback to the respective products/services about this. Reach out to Google for your feedback on this here.


Can t sync google tv and YouTube tv accounts Chromecast?

Unfortunately No, This is not possible till now as the Google does not sync different services (YouTube and Google TV) data.

How to Change YouTube TV account automatically on Google TV Chromecast

No you can not do it for now as the feature to sync the Google TV account with YouTube TV account is not yet provided by Google.


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