How to play YouTube Shorts Play as Normal Videos: iPhone/Android ?


Youtube, which is not the biggest video sharing social networking site and have billions of active users. Lots o content makes are relying on the Youtube to share their work. But the new feature ”Shorts” is much talked feature as lots of users are fining it annoying as Youtube is forcing them the watch shorts at first place.

How to play YouTube Shorts Play as Normal Videos: iPhone/Android ?

One user reported “I hate that short player that doesn’t let you fullscreen. ”

If you go to the channel that published a short and open the vid it will play as normal without the TikTok UI but then they fixed it and even when opened from search or a playlist it will play as a short. The youtube users are wondering – Is there a way to watch the video as normal, with full screen and seek options?

How to watch shorts as regular videos :

Workaround 1: Use Extension

On the Web browser there are lots of extension availabl   that can actually play shorts as normal video.


Firefox : Redirect Shorts

Chrome:  Youtube-shorts-block

Workaround 2: Use History

If you want to watch a video withoutshorts then one workaround would be to Playing the video from your ‘recent’ or history  section. This seem to play them in normal mode.

For this, Open the video and close after a second or two. Then click on the Library tab at the bottom. The video should be in the Recent list on the top of the page. If you open it from there it opens in the regular YouTube player


Workaround 3:  On YouTube app use TimeStamp

  1. Open a “Short”
  2. Leave a comment with any timestamp (0:00 would work). Or, find another comment with a timestamp already.
  3. Click the timestamp.

You will then be put back into the normal video player.

Workaround 4: Manually switch

There is another workaround to change shorts to normal video in  mode which is to manually switch the “shorts” in the URL to “watch”. It’s still faster than going to the creator’s channel, and searching that way.

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