How to Fix Starfield Mannequin Not Showing Armor /Weapons?


Many Starfield players are reporting that items on display mannequins is not showing. The Mannequin armors will wipe the gear like suit and helmets etc . This is annoying issue in the Starfield. Every item dropped in mantis disappeared. After putting full set of quest reward gear on the mannequin,  It surprisingly didn’t display anything later.  

Losing Armor in Starfield is annoying issue as like other issue in the Starfield old mars skin pack missing in Starfield. If you are also facing the issue starfield mannequin not showing armor, then in this article we have listed some possible fix for the issue.

starfield mannequin not showing armor

Why Starfield mannequin not showing armor

After official release of Starfield there are many reports about bug regarding weapon / armor displays on ships just disappearing. If you put items on display mannequins in your ship it will wipe the gear (helmets, space suits, casual wear etc). The weapons that you can put on display goes into the ships inventory. However, it only loses the armor and clothing items do not.

 Many reports suggest that it is a bug where sometimes the gear just gets completely removed from any storage and is unrecoverable. But actually this seem to issue with equipping the mannequin.  


How to Fix starfield mannequin not showing armor

If starfield mannequin not showing armor then this is not a bug, but  you may be suing it wrongly. After placing armor in mannequin you have to press the equip button while in mannequin menu to equip to mannequin. IF you don’t do this all your armor will be lost and move to the ship inventory.

To ensure that the starfield mannequin show armor you will have to equip it with Armor. To do that Find the Mannequin in game world, and stand in front , press [A] on Xbox or [E] on Keyboard to Activate it. Now you have to Choose the item from inventory. Now Place the item by selectin it and press [A] on Xbox or [E] on Keyboard when prompted to Store. Now go back the Mannequin, select the item and press the “Equip” button.

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