Fix iPhone 14 Random vibration without notification after iOS 16.6/ iOs 17 update?


After updating iPhone 14 pro max to latest iOS iOS 17 many users are reporting that the iPhone vibrates without notifications showing up. The iPhone ghost vibration are annoying to iPhone users and started after iOS 17 . update. Apple is planning to launch new features in iOS 17 and issue like this are putting users in doubt for updating to new iOS immediately.  

iPhone 14 Random vibration without notification

The Phantom vibrations on iPhone on iOS 16.6 seems to only happen when screen is unlocked or using iPhone like when browsing etc.

This is a new issue after iOS 16.6 and iPhone will vibrate but there are no emails or notification but still the iPhone 13,11,14 etc are reported to be vibrating unnecessarily. 

How to fix iPhone Random vibration without notification after iOS 17/ 16.6 update: iPhone 14,13,12 Pro Max,SE

Fix : Ghost notification in iPhone due to Game

In iOS 17, the iPhone random vibration without notification can be due to various reasons, which are:

  1. there is a bug in the latest iOS 17, which you will see with every other users of iPhone
  2. iPhone settings are toggled: please ensure to check iPhone sound notification settings and you may have not accidentally turned them off.
  3. some app in the iPhone is causing the issue. In this case you will have to delete apps on my one and check which app is culprit. We have seen in case of iOS 16.6 where Pokémon go was making this issue. In iOS 16.6 the issue was due to PokémonGo game. To stop iPhone ghost vibration you should delete Pokémon Go. After removal of the game the iPhone should not have random vibrations. 

The same issue is acknowledged by the Pokemon Go customer support and as per latest update the issue is under investigation stage.

As per Pokemon Go help centre : [Read here ]

Issue Description: After updating to 281.0, some Trainers using iPhones are experiencing phantom vibrations when Pokémon GO is in the background, indicating a notification or Pokémon appearance, without the associated cause.

Issue Status: Investigating.


iPhone Random vibration without notification after iOS 16.6

Until the iPhone random vibration due to Pokemon Go app is fixed from the Pokemon Go team, you will have to keep the game uninstalled from your iPhone. You can keep track of the issue from the above link. For permanent fix you will have to new updates from Pokemon Go on your phone. 

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