How to Fix Starfield old mars skin pack Missing on PC GamePass?


With recent success the Starfield have now become on of the most played a role-playing space game. But recently some users are reporting issue that the Old mars skin is missing on Starfield. Even after the official release the players are not seeing the Old Mars skins as options at the benches in the Lodge. Old Mars skins is not showing up on the various workbenches even after the official release of Starfield. The Starfield old mars is missing for PC is not faced by Xbox and PS users.

Starfield old mars is missing for PC users and works fine on Xbox and PlayStation(PS4). But if you switch from Xbox and continue the Starfield on PC the game says that constellation and old mars will not be available. And using Xbox Starfield saves on PC gives warning “could not load the missing items.” Which is very annoying issue.

old mars skin pack not showing up

Why Starfield old mars skin pack Not Showing up: PC GamePass

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The Starfield old mars skin pack not showing up is actually issue with the files installed at wrong location in the PC. Surprisingly the Gamepass is installing the files in to the wrong location on PC. To solve the problem, Look for where the old mars and constellation packs were installed (generally it is at root->Gamepass directory). Now copy the contents of the “Data” folder in those DLC packs to the “Data” folder of the main starfield installation. For example, move files OldMars – Localization.ba2 and two other files, move from the DLC data folder to the main installation data folder.


Starfield old mars skin pack issue is linked to Starfield and it seems like the packs are added just before the official release of the Game. As many player were not able to see the mars old pack. Hope this article helped you to understand the issue “Starfield old mars is missing for PC” and provide a fix for it as mentioned above. Please let us know in comment section.

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