Why Option to Add eSIM is Missing from iPhone 13/12/11?


Option to Add eSIM is Missing from iPhone” :, Apple which is not one of the largest mobile phone manufactures keeps on adding new features to it iPhone models. Since many year Apple have added eSIM option to its iPhone models and still available in the latest iPhone 13,14 Pro Max etc. But recently some iPhone users are not able to add eSIM to their iPhone as “option to add eSIM missing from iPhone.” Welcome to our website SkyLineStudy and this article we will see why option to add eSIM is missing from iPhone 13,12,11,XS etc

The eSIM option missing is reported for iPhone 13,12,11 etc. users. As per Apple all modles from iPhone Xr will support eSIM but still for many iPhone users option to add eSIM is missing. Even with the carrier who support the eSIM on iPhone, don’t have option available on iPhone for eSIM.

Why There is option to add eSIM is missing:

If option to add eSIM is missing from your iPhone then this could be due to your iPhone model was manufactured for China, Macao or HongKong markets. In this case, it doesn’t support eSIMs and will have  2 physical SIM cards. You can easily check this, Settings>General>About>Model Number… tap on it, and you should see an “Axxxx” code.

Option to Add eSIM is Missing from iPhone

The other reason for no option to add eSIM could be some glitch in the iPhone settings or network settings. There is no official statement from the Apple on this yet but lots of users are already reporting this issue on iOS 16 and iOS 17. But many users are reporting the issue on various platforms :


No option to add cellular plan/eSim on iPhone 13, I have an iPhone 13 and I need to add my eSim on it, however that option is missing entirely (!) from the phone’s menu. It was unavailable on iOS 15.7 and after updating to iOS 16 it is still not available. Of course I reset the phone to factory settings.”

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How to fix option to add eSIM is missing: iPhone 12,13, iPad

If you are also facing same issue and not able to add an eSIM to iPhone as the option to add eSIM is missing from the iPhone then please read possible solution for the issue:

Fix 1: Reset network settings

The eSIM option could be missing in iPhone due to some software glitch and to fix that try network reset on the iPhone. On iPhone setting app, tap Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Device] > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note, you will not lose any data in this process just your network will be reset to default values.


Fix 2: Check Screen Time settings

You have restrictions enabled in your ScreenTime related to carrier then you may see eSIM option missing . Go to Settings>ScreenTime>Content & Privacy Restrictions>Allow Changes.  the first 3 options MUST be set to “Allow”. When done, restart your iPhone.

Fix : Update/ Reinstall the iOS

If option to add eSIM is missing from iPhone this could be hardware failure or software issue. Check your iPhone for any pending updates, Go to Settings>General>Software Update. If it says there’s an update available, do it. If not, back up your iPhone, then reinstall iOS using a Mac or PC at home or have Apple do it in store.

Fix : Contact Support

IF you are still unable to “Add eSIM” on supported iPhone under option in Settings>Cellular. Then in this case , contact your carrier and ask them for a new tariff plan with eSIM.

But if you cannot see the option to add eSIM “then please contact Apple Support directly:–> Contact Apple for support and service , and explain your problem.

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