How To Fix Microsoft Teams Right Click Not Working ?


Many Microsoft team users are reporting issue that the right click is not working in Microsoft Teams. The issue started after recent updates of Microsoft Teams, if you try right-clicking a text to do spell checking suggestion or right-clicking to paste, it does not work as there is no right-click menu appears.

 Due to this issue the users are unable to check spelling as they are unable to right-click text entry box in Microsoft Teams. Not only the right click shortcut menu not work, but some users also reported that arrow keys not working on MS team and the emojis not working on Teams.

Teams right click not working

Why Microsoft Teams right click is not working while spell check :

The right click not working in Text field on the MS teams appears to be a bug in the latest update. The issue is linked to MS teams and not with the Windows setting. If you are also facing same issue, so we have listed some possible fixes for it.

How to fix Right click not working on MS Teams:

Fix : Run as Admin

The right click not working issue in Team is a software glitch and there is workaround to fix the issue. Close Teams from the system tray on the Windows.

  • Open the start menu and search for Teams.
  • Right click on the icon, to open Teams as an Administrator.
  • Write a Teams message to test the spell checker.
  • Close teams from the system tray.
  • Reopen teams normally and the Teams should work normally.

Fix : Clear the MS Teams cache

Right click not working on the Microsoft teams seems to be glitch in Teams Update. To fix that close the Microsoft Team and clear the Teams cache.

  • Copy %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams
  • Open Run command or press window+R
  • Paste the above line it.
  • delete the cache , and now the right click should start working on the Teams.

Fix : Report issue to Microsoft

The right click not working on Teams is widespread issue and recent update seem to broke the feature. For a permanent fix send a feedback directly to Microsoft.
To send a feedback in Team -> select the Help button at the bottom lower-left of Teams and then choose Suggest a feature or Give feedback to tell to Microsoft and describe the issue there.

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