How to fix Google Discover Feed not working on iPhone,iPad ?


Google discover is a great way to get news personalised for you. But many iPhone users are facing issue that google discover is not working on their iPhone, iPad. The issue started randomly for the iPhone users while the Discover was loading feed normally, but suddenly decides not to show any feed on the iPhone. It appears that the Google Feed is down for iPhone.

Google discovery showing a blank white page with no information on it, it seems like that Google discover is unable to fetch the feeds on iPhone. The Google squirmy stop due to various reasons like iPhone issue, Google server issue or Discover app issue on the iPhone. If you’re also facing a similar issue that Google feed not loading on iPhone then in this article we have listed some possible fix for the issue.

How to fix Google Discover Feed not working on iPhone,iPad ?

How to fix Google Discover News Feed not loading on iPhone 14/12/ iOS /iPad 

Fix : Check for Updates

One of the most common reason why apps like Google discover may not work on iPhone is due apps of outdated version. It is recommended to check for any new updates available in the Appstore and install the same on your iPhone

Fix : Workspace restriction 

If you Google news feed is not working on the iPhone then this could be due to restriction added to your iPhone by workspace account. If you are using your company email ID on your iPhone then gives permission to your office IT team to change app permission on the iPhone. Your office administrator might have turned off access to Google News. Please contact your account administrator.


Fix : Toggle Network

Sometimes due to network issue, google feed me not be able to connect with servers. Please try on different Wi-Fi network or use mobile data and refresh the app.Check if the Google Discover feeds start to load now. Also you should turn off any VPN settings on your iPhone. The VPN setting may mess up with your network settings which means stop Google from showing feeds on the iPhone.

Fix : Delete and Reinstall Discover App

If Google Discover is not showing feeds  on the iPhone/iPad then this could be due to some software glitch in the app. Delete the app from the iPhone and hard reboot the iPhone. After this, reinstall the Google Discover app again on the iPhone.  

Fix : Wait for sometime

If you Google discover feeds are not showing on the iPhone then the issue could be on the server side. The Google teams fixes the issue in short duration. Please wait for some hours and check back again, it should resolve automatically.

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