Fix Android TV/ Google TV Turns ON or OFF Automatically ?


Smart TVs are now in common use and lots of companies are launching new models of Smart TV using Android also known as Android TV. Google has itself launched its product in this field, Google TV and is big hit. But watching TV is experience thing and if you face any issue while watching your favorite TV shows, you may find it very annoying.

Recently many  Android, Google TV with latest Android users are reporting issue that the Smart TV turn ON and OFF on its own randomly. The issue could be due to software glitch in Google/Smart TV and may be due to hardware failure. General troubleshoot does not seems to help for the issue and the users are stuck with auto ON OFF on Smart TV. Different brand Smart TV like LG, SONY, Google, Panasonic, Redmi/ Mi/ Xiaomi, Samsung Smart TV are reported with auto ON OFF.

Fix Android TV/ Google TV Turns ON or OFF Automatically ?

Android TV Turning ON OFF Automatically ?

How to fix Google/Android TV turning ON/OFF Automatically : LG, SONY, Google, Panasonic, Redmi/ Mi/ Xiaomi, Samsung Smart TV

The Android TV or Google TV may turn Auto ON or OFF due to software glitch or issue in some features that can control turning ON /OFF TV. In this article we will see some possible fixes/steps to stop Android TV from Auto ON/OFF.

What to do if Google /Android TV Turn ON Automatically:

  • Disable Timer: The Smart TV provides timer setting that can turn ON the TV when times is hit. On your TV remote Go to Setting -> Timer Setting -> On Timer and turn it Off
  • Check HDMI CEC Setting: The purpose of HDMI-CEC is to allow a single remote control or device to control other devices in a multimedia setup. Check for TV sync Settings-> Channels & Inputs → External inputs → HDMI CEC Settings, Sync control, or Sync settings. Set to OFF ( You can Select either Auto TV/ TV auto power on/Device auto power off.)
  •  Remote Start Option: Some Android TV lets remote feature to Turn on the TV from a distant network . On the Setting->Network & internet-> Look for Remote start and turn this OFF.
  • Turn OFF notifications for App
  • Turn OFF Bluetooth as device pairing request will wake up TV.
  • Disconnect any external device like USB devices, a USB mouse or keyboard that could wake up the TV. Also check if cast or Airplay like feature are used.
  • Close all apps recently used as some of them may turn ON Tv for call for action
  • Hard rese the Smart TV (sample instruction SONY)

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What to do if Google /Android TV Turn OFF Automatically:

  • Check Auto Sleep Time: If you have changed the Sleep time of TV accidently then you may find Smart TV turning off on its own. Change the setting When to sleep → Never.
  • Disconnect and Reconnect all external devices from the  Smart TV like  (USB, LAN connection, HDMI  connection, Antenna, etc.). Restart the TV and  check if this fixes the issue.
  • On your Smart TV Search for the energy saving setting and turn it off
  • Update the TV to latest software version available to get latest bug fix from the company developers.
  • Hard rese the Smart TV (sample instruction SONY)

Further if none of the above fix seems to help you then you should contact the TV manufactures support center and ask for help.

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