How to Check AdSense Ad limit and Increase it?


Being a blogger getting ads from the world largest Advertising company “Google AdSense” is not easy. The quality content check from the Google makes it hard to get the AdSense approval. But recently many users after getting approval from the AdSense are facing issue that only one or two ads are showing on blog post.

How to Check AdSense Ad limit and Increase it?
Ad limit of AdSense ?

The AdSense is showing limited ads on website. The issue is surly annoying for the AdSense publishers as the it is not showing ads at all places but only one or two ads are shown. With hard coded ads and automatic set ads for the website is giving same issue. AdSense is not showing more than one or two ads.

What is AdSense Ad Limit:

As per Google documentation the AdSense does not have any specific limits for the number of ads that can be placed on a website by the site owner. But the AdSense Algorithm does limit the number of ads that can be shown on a single post.  

In General it is recommended practice to use maximum of three to five ad units on the a post. However the limits are keep on changing from the Google end for better user experience.


Why My AdSense is showing limited Ads on my Website:

If AdSense is showing limited ads on your website then this could be due to various issues. But primarily Adsense ad limit issue is mostly done when your traffic source is not organic but from other direct referrals like WhatsApp group, social media and forums etc. There can be other factors as well like quality , age of website and theme of the website.

How to increase Ads on Post ? : Adsense

If you are seeing limited ads on your website then there nothing much you can do immediately to restore it. Usually the Adsense Algorithm will take some time to evaluate your traffic source over a period of time will try to relevant ads to your site audience. Further other parameters like content quality, length of post etc will also determine the ads to display.

To increase the Ads count on your website, try below methods :

  • Increase your traffic quality : As mentioned already if you traffic is from suspicious source , purchased source then AdSense may take suitable action as per its policy. So try to get maximum blog traffic from Organic post. 
  • Reduce invalid traffic : Keeps checking for the source of your site post. If your site is getting traffic from robots visitor then the issue should be fixed ASAP.
  • Meet Google’s ad serving policies: Always meet Google Ad policy as this is the critical think to maintain a good site revenue from AdSense.
  • High ad-to-content ratio : Avoid thin article and try to write article with details and minimum if 800 to 1500 words
  • Avoid Unnatural ad placements
  • Be patient : As mentioned already the AdSense may take some time for evaluating your site. This may takes some months also to authenticate your website and eventually as good content and traffic increases on your site the Google will also start giving you more ads.

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