iPhone backup fails on Xfinity “Poor network conditions” !


Many iPhone 14 Pro with latest iOS 16.5.1 and iPad Mini users are facing issue with the taking backup over Xfinity services. The issue is mainly occurring while trying to take back up on iPhone/iPad but it keeps on giving error : “The last backup could not be completed because of poor network conditions”. iCloud backups are failing on iPhone and iPad.  Due to this it seems like the Xfinity servers are not working with iPhone or Poor network conditions prevent iCloud backup.

iPhone backup fails on Xfinity "Poor network conditions" !
“The last backup could not be completed because of poor network condition : iPhone

The issue started recently for the iPhone users after they upgraded the Xfinity routers and it seems to be Xfinity issue. The issue is with only Xfinity users and no other service provider is reported to have this issue. Surely upgrade on Xfinity have broke the iPhone iCloud link. If you are also facing similar issue then please try below listed possible fix.

How to fix Xfinity XB8 router and apple. “Poor Network Conditions” Error Message

Fix: Use 2.5 Ghz channel

The Xfinity upgrade has broken the iPhone backup link and to fix that easy solution is to split the channel and use 2.5Ghz band. For more details please read official guide.

Fix : Use a Ethernet

Another workaround that may work for you is to Connect your iPhone to iPad to the router using Ethernet, (use a Ethernet to usbc and a Ethernet to lightning cable converter. )


Now connect to router port and you should be able to backup and update iPhone.

Fix : Downgrade to XB7

Since new XB8 seems to have introduced the issue. And you want to take backup of iPhone then easy solution is to use XB6,7 version of Xfinity.  Most of the user are able to take backup using XB7 routers. If you can then downgrading seem to be most likely working fix.

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