How to fix librelink App not working on iPhone ?


The  FreeStyle LibreLink app is a great tool to monitor and measure glucose with iPhone. The application works great on all iPhones including iPhone 14 Pro max, 13,12,11 etc. But recently many librelink users are reporting issue in iPhone. Many users are reporting that the librelink app not working on iPhone. The issue started suddenly and users have no clue on what happened to the librelink app.

How to fix librelink App not working on iPhone ?
librelink App not working

It seem like librelink has many issue in the iPhone for example, there is an issue with getting sensors to scan on iPhone on librelink app. The common reason why librelink is not working on iPhone is due to outdated app. The developers of the app have not updated the app from quite some time and due to this it is not compatible to work with new Apple features. But it seems like the librelink app not working is seen by Android phone users also, which makes it suspicious of server side issue in librelink . Usually server side issue gets resolved in few hours or maximum 2-3 days.

Why is my librelink app not working ?

As per Appstore data the app was last updated on Appstore on 06-Dec-2022 v 2.8.1, which seems to be very old. We expect developer to look into it and release the new version of app with fixing these issues.

Till the developers of the librelink app releases a permanent fix for the issue you can try below listed possible fix for the issue.


How to fix librelink not working on iPhone/ iOS ?

1.Close and reopen the librelink app

Force the app to close. Then open the app to see if it works as expected.

2.Restart your device

Restart your iPhone or restart your iPad. Then open the librelink app to see if it works as expected.


3.Check for updates for librelink app on appstore

To see if updates are available for the app, open the App Store, tap your profile icon, then scroll down to see if updates are available for librelink. If updates aren’t available for the app, update the software on your iPhone or iPad.

4.Delete the app, then redownload librelink

Another way to fix app related glitches on your iPhone is to Delete the app. Please note that, you might lose data that was stored in the librelink app. Then redownload the app. Then check to see if the problem with the app is fixed.”

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