iPhone 14 Pro – Camera Blurry for Close Up Picture using third party apps

Many iPhone 14 Pro users are reporting issue that the iPhone camera is blurry while taking pictures from third party apps in closeup. Like if you want to take picture of ID card from Whatsapp the camera won’t be able to focus.

The close up pictures are working with the iPhone 14 Camera app but is failing with the third party apps which uses camera. This is a big issue for dealing with QR codes and submitting expenses. iPhone 14 is unable to take close up photos.

iPhone 14 Pro unable to focus on near items.

As per Apple support switching to Macro Camera is a duty of the third party app and not a functionality of iOS or iPhone 14. The developers of the app have to change the App features to switch to Macro mode for getting close ups.

Solution: Workaround

Since third-party camera apps aren’t responding as expected, work through the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Close and open the app. 

2. Restart your iPhone 14.

3. Make sure the apps and your iOS is updated.

4. Delete and download the app again.

Or at last please connect to your “App Provider” and tell then about the problem.


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