How to fix Midjourney stuck at Generation or “waiting to start” forever?

Midjourney is one the fastest growing AI enabled platforms that lets you created artificial intelligence program and service like generating interesting images etc. It generates images from natural language descriptions, called “prompts”. It does offer paid service and higher performance for premium customers.  And many customer are annoyed like Why are some prompts just getting stuck at random percentages forever while rendering?

Fix midjourney Stuck at generating Promts

Many Midjourney user are reporting issue that several prompts are getting stuck mid generation and some of them are not starting to load and says “waiting to start” forever. Like one prompt for a users got stuck at 87% for over two hours and counting

How to fix  “Prompts getting stuck mid journey” ?

One quick way to fix stuck Midjourney Prompts is  DMing the MJ bot for all requests rather than using one of the channels fixed all ‘waiting to start’ hangups for many users.

Make sure you check the status channel, then peek in member-support. As MidJoureny is in beta, sometimes it has some hiccups, and also sometimes Discord has issues that bring the Bot down.

Or you can cancel the render using the red X and try again.

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