How to add Number Row to keyboard ?

Apple iPhone and iPad market is rapidly increasing and Apple is quite innovative with new feature development. But recently many users are facing issue with Keyboard settings of iPhone like Number row is missing from iPhone/ iOS keyboard. the issue is seen across all diffrent Apple model including iPhone 14,13 Pro max , iPad etc. As shown in below pic the top row with number details is not there all the time.

Number row missing from iPhone keyboard

The iPhone users have also reported various issues with the keyboard, ranging from slow typing speed and lag to autocorrect mistakes and unexpected capitalization. But due to number row missing from iPhone/iOS/iPad keyboard , it becomes difficult to type anything.

How to Add numbers row to keyboard? : iPhone 13,12 Pro Max, iOS 16, iPadOS

If number row is missing from your iPhone try to, press and hold the 123 button, then release it to switch back to letters. or you can simply tap the 123 button and select the desired number. To input numbers, hold the 123 button and enter the numbers, then release it once complete.

You can also install other keyboards on iOS made by other developers, but there seems to be few that offer the option for a number row with the alpha keys

Alternatively you can use third party keyboard like Google Gboard (as shown in above photo , Tap on google Sign) or use SwiftKeyboard.

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