Why Google is Showing Captcha again and again ? (FIX)


 Many iPhone /iPad users are reporting issue with google search thath Google keeps on Poping CAPTCHA for them. Which is annoying as the users keep having to do a captcha anytime they search something in safari. It doesn’t matter if you are using a cellular or Wi-Fi network but while browsing on Safari/ iPhone/iPad CAPTCHA are appearing again and again.

CAPTCHA service are meant for detecting robot activity by Google to avoid unnecessary traffic  but usually it will appear only once in few days. But on iPhone 13,14 /Safari CAPTCHA is shown for every single search. There could be following reasons for the Google Captcha over appearance :

Why Google is Showing Captcha again and again ? (FIX)

Reason 1 :  Apple private relay.

What is Private Relay:

Cloud Private Relay is a new internet privacy service from Apple. With iCloud Private Relay, users with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and an iCloud+ subscription can connect to and browse the internet and in a more secure and private way using Safari.


To know more about private relay please read the official link.

Reason 2: VPN

VPN service like Express VPN are one of other main reason why Google will force you for CAPTCHA over and over again. As Google tracks your IP address but the VPN keeps on switching to different region iP address thus makes it suspicious for the Google.

How to fix Google Showing too many CAPTCHA :

Fix :

To fix Google CAPTCHA issue  Either turn Apple Private Relay off and don’t use VPN, or you may also use DuckDuckGo browser . DuckDuckGo won’t make you do the captcha verification again and again as it is based on open source technology with less to zero tracking support.


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