taking excessive storage in iPhone 12?


 iPhone are limited with the storage capacity as the apple do not give option to expand memory of iPhone using external cards. This it makes storage management crucial in operating iPhone.

Recently lots of iPhone users are reporting low space in the iPhone while not much have been stored by them directly in their iPhone. Even after deleting heavy files , offloading the apps does not help. On investing lots of users are finding that “” is taking lots of space and iPhone user have no clue about it. taking excessive storage in iPhone 12?

Fix to remove “” data from iPhone SE, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 14Pro Max , iPhone XR,11/ iOS 16

Fix : Toggle voice memo settings

To fix large memory taken by voice memo, This is the data file that’s synced through iCloud. If you wanna get rid of it, here are the steps:

• go to setting > icloud storage > toggle off Voice Memos


• delete Voice Memos app

• reinstall voice memos app”         

Fix :

An user was able to fix it by following steps

“first deleted the voice memo app and turn it off from iCloud and updated my phone to ios16 and transferred my data to another iphone with ios16. Make sure both phones are plugged in a charger and you have good internet connection. After data transfer on new phone the issue of voice memo has been resolved and to resolve the issue on the old phone you can reset it”.



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